GDES 45 • Assignment 2

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Start with the template file we did in class which has html5 containers to use, then create a site using one of the following options:

Option 1

OBJECTIVE: You will create an HTML Version of your resume (or other similar document if necessary) using the HTML formatting tags you have learned thus far. It will be derived from your own resume. The first page can be a resume, and the second page can be about anything of interest to you, such as a hobby. You will link the 2 pages together.

See Examples Here.

Option 2

OBJECTIVE: Summarize Ch. 1and 2 in The Principals of Beautiful Web Design.

Here is a code image that might help with alignment for a resume.
It is a bit beyond what we have talked about at this point in the class, but you are welcome to reverse engineer it for some more advanced alignment capabilities for the resume. It is a code image and not actual code. It is for those of you who want an extra challenge ;)

  1. Valid Code!
  2. 2 linked 'pages'
  3. Good formatting of text (typography) on all pages
  4. Use a color other than black for some text, perhaps for some headings
  5. At least 1 external link(a link to another web site)
  6. An image of yourself (Use the image tag)
  7. Make sure both pages can stand on their own, and there is good content on both.
  8. Make sure you validate your files as you work and before you turn it in at: and

Again, before you turn in your files, make sure you validate your document at: and
It can help you spot coding errors.

To turn in, bring in the actual code(like on a flash drive)to turn in.