GDES 45 • Creating a Banner Image

See a video
  1. Open Photoshop
  2. Go to File-New to create a new image.
    Create a new image big enough to hold your text (maybe 500 pixels x 500 pixels)
  3. Choose the type tool(it looks like a T)
  4. Pick your options, such as font, size, color and alignment from the option bar at the top. The button on the far right of the option bar will open the character and paragraph palettes so you can adjust the spacing of letters and lines of text along with many other options.
  5. Click in your image.
  6. Type your text.
  7. Press enter on the number pad when you are finished writing your text.
  8. If you want, go to the bottom of the layer palette and click on the left button that looks like the letter F to add layer effects such as drop shadows and glows.
  9. Create a new layer by clicking on the Create a new layer button next to the trash can at the bottom of the layers palette.
  10. Move the new layer to the bottom of the stacking order by dragging it to the bottom of the stack.
  11. Choose a color for the background of your text by clicking on the Set Foreground Color Picker near the bottom of the tool palette.
    Pick a color using the controls.
  12. Make sure the new layer that we made in the layers palette is selected(click on it once to select it if it is not).
  13. Go to Edit-Fill and choose Foreground Color from the Contents-Use drop down menu.
  14. Save your file as a PSD so you can easily edit the text later.
  15. Go to Image-Trim to trim the image to the smallest possible size.
  16. Pick Top Left Pixel Color for Based On and trim away all sides.
  17. Go to File-Save for Web, and optimize and save you new text image.