Group Project

Personal Project Instructions


Create a business related web site as a group project. A business related web site is a site that generates revenue or significant savings in some way. You have a choice of three types of web sites:


  • Company: A comprehensive web site that describes the company's products or services. The Site could include helpful features such as FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), job opportunities, online customer support, company mission statement, department profiles, current events, et cetera.
  • Online store: A web site that sells a line of products (at least five products). The merchandise should be presented in an organized and attractive way. Each product should be presented with a complete description and price. A simple order form must also be included.
  • Online Information Service: A web site that performs a service. Examples include movie review site, horoscopes site, and specialty newsletter.

To Do:


  • The web site must look professional, well organized, and stylistically consistent.
  • It is important that you use the time allotted for the assignment wisely.
  • Make sure that the design fits the content.
  • Think about your target audience and their expectations.
  • The size (number of pages) of the site is up to you, but the amount of work will be evaluated relative to the size of your team and the time allotted.

You will elect people from your group for the following positions:

  • Project Manager: In charge of the overall project
  • Art Director: In charge of the overall look and feelof the project
  • Head Programmer: In charge of the code

Comps/Mock-ups (10 Points):
Develop comps that shows your intentions for your design

  • Show the site main page, any section main page and all other layouts/designs to be used.
  • Can be done in any software you want.
  • Should be done before html pages are started.
  • Look at examples from previous classes.
  • Be sure that you will be able to get the images for all concepts in your proposal and comps.
  • Make sure to choose proper graphics, text and colours for the intended audience.
  • Comps should be in correct aspect ratio(shape) for the intended layout.
  • Comps should be of high enough quality to present to an actual client.

The presentation should include:

  • Include a written version of your presentation/proposal. Print out copies for use during your presentation. You may do a Creative Brief(see Web Redesign) or a full Proposal (see Setting the Stage)
  • See sample creative briefs here
  • An introduction of yourself/your company
  • A description of your intent for the piece
  • A description of your target audience and how this design speaks to them.
  • Presentation of the Creative Brief or Proposal and comps as individual images or a powerpoint presentation.

Point Breakdown

Project Grading Scale Possible
Client Presentation
Comps 5
Oral Client Presentation 5
Written Proposal 5
Prototype 5
Design and Finesse
Functionality/Usability 5
Screen Layout 5
Color Selection/Use 5
Text Design/Typography 5
Use of Graphics/Optimization 5
Message Design/Clear Concept and Goals 5
Scope 5
Navigation Design 5
Fulfillment of Purpose/Goals from Presentation 5
Overall Design 10
User Testing
Conduct 2 Beta tests per person 2x5=10
Beta Test Paper 5

Create a working protoype for the site

Design & Finesse: (Refer to point totals at top of page)

  • Communicate the message
  • Design fits the content
  • Proper optimization of images
  • Good composition of pages
  • Good colour harmony
  • Good functionality/usability
  • Intuitive and functional navigation
  • Type should be legible, use appropriate fonts for the design
  • Final Presentation to the class

Beta Test:
You will conduct a test of your site to determine, among other things:

  1. How well it fulfills it's goals and communicates ideas.
  2. The quality of the design.
  3. The technical quality of the site.

Beta Test and Beta Test Paper:

This is a companion paper to this project. There will be one paper per group which uses information from beta tests conducted by your group. Each member of the group will conduct 2 beta tests of the site. The paper's required elements below will be addressed in class and are covered in the Beta Test Paper help.
Get a copy of the Beta Test Paper help.

Topics should Include:

  1. Overview of the Product
  2. Description of the Beta Test
  3. Projected(Expected)Results
  4. Testing evaluation
  5. Test Results
  6. Planned Actions Consult BETA TEST PAPER HANDOUT for more details.

Expectations for Beta Test Paper:

This paper must be professional, typed (free of typos), and on time. To cover all of the required elements in reasonable depth, the paper will need to be at least 2 pages. This is in addition to any sketches. Excessive point size, margins, and line spacing are not elements of a good paper. Refer to the beta test information and form in your HTML Handout.