Personal Project

Personal Project Instructions


To Develop a well designed HTML project that presents information on a topic of public interest that you feel strongly about or effects you personally. If you have another type of site you would like to do, just run it by me.

To Do:

Point Breakdown

Project Grading Scale Possible
Wireframes or Comps 10
Project Specifications 15
Design and Finesse 25

Specs (15 points):

The Minimum Requirements Are

  • 5 linked pages
  • Proper formatting of text (typography) on all pages
  • CSS used for layout
  • Some images not acquired from the internet. Images should be original or scanned.
  • Some use of rollovers(Javascript or CSS)


  • Be sure that you will be able to get the images for all your concepts in your thumbnails
    • Don't choose a subject for which you have no content, unless you are sure you can acquire/create the required content.
  • Make sure to choose proper graphics, text and colors for the intended audience

Design & Finesse: (25 points)
Refer to Interface Design Tips and...

  • Communicate the message
  • Design fits the content
  • Proper optimization of images
  • Good composition of pages
  • Good color harmony
  • Good functionality/usability
  • Intuitive and functional navigation
  • Type should be legible, use appropriate fonts for the design
  • Final Presentation to the class