GDS 46

Bio Page Project

Bio Page Project Instructions

Bio Page Project

  • Create 1 web page about yourself. You only need to make 1 page.
  • You can include biographical information, hobbies, or anything else you would like the class to know about you.
  • Do sketches(optional) a wireframe(required) and a comp(optional) first
    • The wireframe is due next week. More info on the wireframes and links to samples are below.
    • The actual web page is due in 2 weeks.
  • You can use these web page layout templates and code images as a starting point for the actual HTML and CSS of the page if you wish. They are from the GDS 45 class. They are images of the templates and code only, not text files of the code. You would still need to type the code ;) Links to the videos on how to code these templates are here:
  • You can also use your own code(even better).
  • You can make the page as elaborate as you want. You are the client on this one(and me).
  • If you do use one of the templates, make sure to take that basic layout into account in your wireframe.

Design & Finesse: (10 points)

  • Communicate the message (What are you trying to say/communicate)
  • Design fits the content
  • Proper optimization of images
  • Good composition/layout of pages
  • Good color harmony/Have a color scheme that makes sense for the content
  • Good functionality/usability
  • Intuitive and functional navigation
  • Type should be legible, and use appropriate fonts for the design

Point Breakdown

Project Grading Scale Possible
Wireframe 10
Valid Code 10
Design 10
CSS Shapes Extra Credit +2

To do and turn in

  • At least 1 wireframe is due first
  • Check the calendar for due dates on the wireframes and the actual page. You have more than one week for the project, and it's only 1 page :)
    (Don't wait until next week to get started on production)
  • Extra credit! if you use CSS Shapes on the assignment (maybe around a circular image of yourself?)