Project 1 Description: Responsive Website

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Project Description

  • Create a simple 2 page responsive website on some aspect of mobile design.
    • Examples would be responsive typography, best practices, apps that help wiht design, etc.
  • No images are required. Focus on the text and layout.
  • It could be related to app design or mobile web design or both
    • An example would be a comparison of mobile web frameworks
  • You an use an article or site on the web as source material, as long as you do not publish the site
  • If you do want to publish the site, you must have rights to all material
  • You can code the site by hand or use Dreamweaver Fluid Grids
  • Do not use a framework like bootstrap for this assignment. We will use frameworks later.
  • We are skipping some traditional development process steps like information architecture to focus on the rapid creation of the design

Minimum Requirements

  • 2 pages minimum
  • The pages must have at least 2 breakpoints, which will result in 3 basic layouts for phone, tablet and desktop
  • 1 fluid image (extra credit, not required)

To Do

  • Decide on a subject
  • Do an inventory of assets/content
  • Organize and prioritize the content
  • Create sketches
  • Refine the design
  • Create wireframes for at least 3 layouts using balsamic or other tool
  • Create a working version of the site
  • See the GDES 51 main page for due dates

Point Breakdown

  • 10 points - Layout sketches
  • 10 points - Wireframes
  • 15 points - Requirements (pages, breakpoint, etc.)
  • 25 points - Execution and Design
    • Readability
    • Usability
    • Layout
    • Typography
    • Etc.