Project 4 Description: Mobile App Design

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Project Description

  • Create a mobile app design on the topic of your choice.
  • The final deliverable is a presentation, probably using powerpoint, presenting your app design to the class.
  • You do not have to code the app. It does not have to function.
  • Follow best practices and interface guidelines for the mobile platform of your choosing, iOS, Android, etc.

To Do

  • You will perform the following steps while creating your design:
  • Decide on your apps' purpose, functionality and value to a user
  • Brainstorm on functionality and/or content
  • Research on similar apps, if applicable
  • Create initial sketches for your idea
  • Iterate your design while creating low fidelity wireframes in balsamic
  • Create a hi-fidelity prototype using the software of your choice, such as Fluid UI, Axure, Invision etc. We will be reviewing the use of Fluid UI in class.
  • Create your presentation using screenshots/mockups to "pitch" or present your idea to the class.
  • See the GDES 51 main page for due dates

Minimum Requirements

  • Turn in exploratory sketches trying out different ideas
  • Turn in balsamic wireframes
    • At least 1 wireframe for each screen type/layout
  • Turn in a navigable hi fidelity prototype, probably using Fluid UI
  • 7 total screens minimum

The Final Presentation

Present using powerpoint or similar.
See an example in the weekly files.
These are some possible components for your presentation:

  • Your elevator pitch for the app. You could start or end with this.
  • Market need. Data that supports your case is always good.
  • Target audience
  • Use cases. List scenarios where your app would be valuable.
  • Show your discovery phase
    • You could use images or ideas from your brainstorming session
  • You can show your sketches(design phase) and/or wireframes if you think they would help show the iteration and development of your idea
  • Final Screen designs
    • Present the screens and talk about their purpose
  • Show the Task Flow or User Scenario. Take the presentation viewer though an example of how someone might use the app.

Point Breakdown

  • 5 points - Sketches
  • 10 points - Balsamic Wireframes
  • 20 points - Hi fidelity, interactive prototype
  • 25 points - Final presentation on the app