GDES 74 • Assignment 3

OBJECTIVE: Create a short video telling a story with no dialogue.

The story: Use this or come up with one of your own.

Person A and Person B are in line to buy something. Person A leaves after buying the item. Person B notices Person A has left something behind. Person B decides to bring this item to Person A, and begins to try and find Person A. When Person B finds person A, there is a surprise.

Required shots: Make sure you use the following types of shots
A stationary shot A tilt Up A tilt down A Zoom in A Zoom out
A High Angle A Low angle A traveling shot A Pan An Over the Shoulder(OTS)
A Close-up A Medium shot A Wide shot or long shot    

Camera Log Example
Shot Number Type of shot:
(Pan, tilt up Medium shot, etc)
Focal Length Shot description Take Number
1 Pan left Wide shot Pan across buiding to doorway 1
2 Stationary Medium shot A man looks at his watch 1
3 Stationary Medium shot A man looks at his watch 2


Again, editing will be in camera, so shoot your story in order.