3 Point Edit

An editing process where you set 1 in point and 2 out points, or 2 in points and 1 out point, and your editing software fills in the missing in or out point.

Basic Edits

Overwrite Edit Shortcut:F10. Overwrite With Transition Shortcut:Shift-F10
An edit type where the clip being edited into a sequence replaces frames that are already in the sequence.

Insert Edit Shortcut:F9. Insert With Transition Shortcut:Shift-F9
An edit in which a clip is added to the track at the specified point, moving clips that follow it out in time. An insert edit does not replace existing material.


Other Edits

Replace Edit Shortcut:F11
A form of overwrite editing that replaces the current frame in the Canvas with the current frame displayed in the Viewer, together with specified additional frames of video on either side.

Fit to Fill Edit Shortcut:Shift-F11
Editing a clip into a sequence such that its duration matches a predetermined amount of track space that you specify.


Edit Trimming Operations

Anything you want to do to your sequence after the initial clips have been layed down.

Roll Edit
Shortens one clip while lengthening the other with a single adjustment. It doesn't matter whether clip 1 is getting shorter and clip 2 is getting longer, or the other way around; the overall sequence length doesn't change.

Ripple Edit
Modifies the edit point by changing the duration of only one of the clips involved. This changes the duration of your entire sequence.

Slip Edit
Changs both the in and out points of a single clip simultaneously. Essentially, it changes which section of the clip you are using by trimming frames off the front of the clip and adding them to the back- or vice versa. It does not change the duration of the overall sequence.

Slide Edit
Sort of a reverse slip. Rather than adjusting the in and out points of the selected clip, it changes the in and out points of the surrounding clips, allowing you to slide a clip around in a sequence.