Things to Help in the Design Process and Critical tasks of Interactive Design

Ask Questions

What type of product is it?



Entertainment or a combination

What is the product?

Who is your target audience?

Age, education, technical ability, etc.

What are your goals for the product?

Increase sales, teach people to do math, etc.

What does the audience want to do?

What do you want them to do?

How should it work?

How should it look?

What should it do?

Where will it be used?

What is the delivery platform?


Information Design

Create an inventory list of content.

Create an action list required to create/aquire this content.

Organize content

Information Design/Information architecture

Create a guidance system to orient users

Design the navigation and access routes

Define what happens in each screen

Design controls for interaction

Create a storyboard and/or flowchart


Information Design means clarifying your communication goals and arrangeing your ideas into a design that serves those goals.

Things to Keep in Mind

Create a seamless experience

Involve the viewer

Provide help

Communicate effectively