GDES 75 PROJECT 2 Band Project

Thumbnail or Roughs due by:
March 16

April 6

Project Grading Scale Possible Earned
Thumbnail Concepts or roughs 10 ______
Project Specs 15 ______
Design and Finesse 25 ______
TOTAL POINTS: 50 ______



The purpose of this exercise is to test your ability to create a well designed and functional interactive product in a very limited amount of time. Keep the scope of your project manageable. The main goals are to achieve a fully working piece while maintaining a high quality and appropriate design for your chosen band.

To Do:

  • Create 10 Thumbnail concepts or 2 roughs showing the design, content, and composition of your screens.
    • Thumbnails are a used to explore possible designs for pages/screens by sketching multiple small versions of the design. If you do thumbnails, do more than 1 per screen. Roughs are a more complete version of what a completed screen will look like. It is larger that a thumbnail with more detail. If you do 2 roughs instead of 10 thumbnails, do 1 for the main screen, and 1 for any other screen in your project. There are examples of both thumbnails and roughs in the binder in the classroom next to the teachers station.
  • Apply Director features you have been learning through lectures and tutorials
  • Combine the use of Director, image editing, and audio software

Specs (15 points):
The Minimum Requirements Are

  • Min. 3 vertical levels
  • Minimum 1 Animation (linear, probably as an intro)
  • Help screen
    Help screens must be accessible from any screen within the program (excluding intro)
  • Quit screen
    Quit screens must be accessible from any screen within the program (excluding intro)
  • Audio required throughout the piece!

The Desired extra features are:

  • Minimum 1 screen with ROLLOVERS
  • Minimum 1 PUPPETSOUND
  • Volume and Mute controls on at least 1 screen
  • No images acquired from the internet. Images should be original or scanned if possible, not from the internet.


  • Be sure that you will be able to get the images for all your concepts in your thumbnails
  • Make sure to choose proper graphics, text and colors for the intended audience
  • You are welcome to do more than the minimum required time permitting. "Time Permitting" is the key word! Keep in mind your time limits and avoid spending too much time on content and not enough on programming.
  • Use "placeholder" type graphics in your director piece to get a WORKING version of the project. Once that has been accomplished, THEN go wild on the graphics.

Design & Finesse: (25 points)

  • Type should be legible, use appropriate fonts for the design
  • Good screen composition
  • Make the design seem seamless, with a nice flow from screen to screen.
  • Good colour harmony
  • Good functionality. Does it work? Can the user do what they want?
  • Usability. Efficient accomlishment of tasks.
  • Logical, easily understandable navigation.
  • Communicate the message
  • Final Presentation to the class