Video Capture with Adobe Premier.

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ATTENTION! These instructions are for premiere 5 and Media Cleaner 4. We now have Premiere 6 and Cleaner 5. the basic steps and settings are similar but not identicle. You may have to make adjustments, as we will in the class demonstration.

After opening premier click the Load button in the new project settings dialogue box.

Select Mark for Director settings.

Select Movie Capture (see below).

If prompted, Deactivate appletalk.

Find what you want to record with the vcr.

Click Record a little before the part you want, and then click again(anywhere) to stop. Stop a little after the point you wanted is ended. You will trim the video in a later step.

After you have a clip captured, navigate in the clip using the controls, and mark the exact in point (start) of the video you want by clicking the left bracket below.

Do the same for the out point (end).

Select File-Export-Movie as seen below.

Click to change the Settings as below.

Click Load settings as below.

Load the mark_export settings.

Name the exported movie and save it.

Open Media Cleaner Pro, delete anything in the window, and then drag the movie you made into the window for final compression.

Double click in the setting area as seen below.

Select mark_for_director (or match the settings below.)

Click Apply and your window shouild look about like this. Click Start.

Name your final movie (something different that your first version) and save.

The End.