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Project Grading Scale Possible Earned
Thumbnail Storyboard 5 ______
Project Specs 10 ______
Design and Finesse 10 ______
TOTAL POINTS: 25 ______

You have 2 choices for a Final Project. Extra Credit if you only use rights cleared material(music, etc.)

Option 1: See Below for more Specifications.

Personal Expression:
Create a motion graphics sequence representing a dream, poem, or song.

Footage can include video, still photographs, titles, sound files, graphics and/or illustrations.

Option 2: See below for more Specifications.

Commercial Project:
Create 2 different versions of an animated logo for a company, real or fictional
Create a visual identity that helps define the company, and positions it in its market.

To Turn In: Check Main Page for Dates

  • Storyboard Thumbnails. Worth 5 points.
    Do thumbnail sketches showing the progression of images in your piece. Do enough frames to allow others to visualize your ideas. You can also present multiple versions of frames if you want to experiment. Include a written description of the action below each frame and describe the transitions between elements.
  • Final Version. Worth 20 points


Specifications are: (unless special arrangements are made with me)

  • Standard definition video (720x480)
  • Duration:5 sec to 15 sec for animated logo.
    30 sec to 2 min for dream/poem/song.


Design & Finesse: (10 points)

  • Type should be legible, use appropriate fonts for the design
  • Effective screen compositions and transitions
  • Good color harmony
  • Communicate the message
  • Quality and effectiveness of your execution of your design
  • Be prepared to answer questions about your technical and creative decisions.