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Satisfying Customers With Color, Shape, and Type

Color My World (more ideas on color)

14 Ways to Talk Clients Out of Ruining their Sites By Molly E. Holzschlag

Redesign On a Shoestring By Jeffery Zeldman

Information Architecture Tutorial

Why You Only Need to Test With 5 Users, by Jakob Nielsen : The best results come from testing no more than 5 users and running as many small tests as you can afford.

Welcome to the Underground: If it's cutting-edge Web sites you are after, then you've got to know the right people: the independent artists, designers and programmers who make their own rules. Jeffery Zeldman

Why Windows Web Pages Have Tiny Text from TidBITS#467/15-Feb-99.

Why Type on the Web Is So Bad by Eric Eaton
4 Dec 1997. Webmonkey.

Dynamic vs. Fixed: A Proposal for Peace at the Table By Molly E. Holzschlag
October 1999 Webtechniques. About fixed and dynamic tables.

Synchronized Multimedia On The Web
A New W3C Format Is All Smiles
By Larry Bouthillier
With the introduction of Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL, pronounced smile) earlier this year, Web multimedia creators have a new tool set for building time-based, streaming multimedia presentations that combine audio, video, images, and text.

Turning Chaos into Order: Managing Web Projects By Molly E. Holzschlag
Does chaos rule your Web development roost? Then it's time to define a method to manage your unruly Web projects...

Legal Pitfalls of Web Site Design
What all graphic artists need to know
to protect themselves
by Christopher Simmons, contributing editor Micro Publishing News August 2000

Inside XML
Will These ThreeLetters Change the Web Forever?

by Lisa Schmeiser. Macworld, October 2000.

XSL The Extensible Style Language (Web Techniques)
Styling XML Documents
By Norman Walsh

Macworld: Web Publishing Secrets : By Jeffrey Zeldman

Why Frames Suck (Most of the Time) : Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox for December 1996:

Web Publishing Secrets : Using standards such as doctypes, css and xhtml: By Jeffrey Zeldman

Choosing a DOCTYPE : From the Web Design Group

Squeaky Clean Markup : By Molly E. Holzschlag : Info about writing XHTML

Web ReDesign | Workflow that Works from the book By Kelly Goto: Excellent reference for web desigh process


Macworld: Tile Your Site

Macworld: Web: The Animator's Guide to Good GIFs
Visual Designer | Transparency Rules (Web Tec...
Yale Style Manual-Table of Contents
Yale Style Manual-Typography
PDN's Pix online : Digital imaging/web info from Photo District News
6X6X6 Netscape Color Palette Map : Cool site with design, scripts, flash, etc. : examining current design practices on the web

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Web Technical/Reference Sites


The barebones guide to html : from your handout. - Web Building : tips, scripts, articles. Jakob Nielsen's site :News, usability issues.

StatMarket - accurate internet statistics and u…


Beginning HTML at - Top Ten Design Tips for Commerc…

Web Techniques : Web developer magazine and website

GVU's WWW User Surveys : surveys of web user demographics : tips, articles.

web pages that suck : learn good design from looking at bad design

HTML Writers Guild

webdesign at lots of links : good info on programming, etc.

Lab Note | Banners 1-2-3 with Illustrator, Photoshop

Trainingcafe : Professional development about Internet Technology for Teachers

information architecture resources : from Jess James Garrett. Good links and Info

A Day in the Life of an Information Architect : by Steve mulder

HTML Special Characters : From Webmonkey

Browser Statistics from The Web Standards Project is a grassroots coalition fighting for standards that ensure simple, affordable access to web technologies for all.

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DHTML and CSS for the World Wide Web (Your book): byCranford Teague. Companion site to book.

CSS in the real world : by Jeffery Zeldman. great article with links.

CSS Layout Techniques: for Fun and Profit : by Glish. Good CSS Layout info. : The master CSS compatibility chart CSS1 specification CSS2 specification

What's New in CSS2 (Web Techniques, Jan 1999)

Visual Designer | Style Sheets: Ready for Prime Time? : By Lynda Weinman

Integrated Design | Elements of Style (Web Techniques) : By Molly E. Holzschlag

css browser support from westciv css browser support for css1 and css2

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Go To Javascript Book Site.

Client-Side JavaScript Reference : from Netscape

javascript3rd_ed : scripts, tutorials.

Learing javascript at

The JavaScript Weenie - Free JavaScript tutorials...

Index of /mission/javascript_presentation
WDVL: Authoring JavaScript
JavaScript Guide
Handling Events
WDVL: JavaScript Tutorial for Programmers - E...
TRAININGTOOLS: Online Training

HTML Goodies : javascript tips and tutorials - A new Dynamic HTML site - The home of freelance Webdesigner Thomas Brattli

Script Junkie | My 10 Favorite Scripts (Web T...

A List Apart: DOM Design Tricks 2

A List Apart: Dom Design Tricks I

The ultimate DHTML dropdown menu - The Definitive JavaScript Resource

JavaScript Source: Free JavaScripts, Tutorials The JavaScript Source is an excellent JavaScript resource with tons of "cut and paste" JavaScript examples for your Web pages. All for free!

The JavaScript BBEdit Ultra Weight-Loss Reduction Plan By Garrett Smith, December 30, 2002: Are you tired of having bloated JavaScript files that are too slow to download? This technical article explains how to reduce your javascript file size by using BBEdit’s grep feature to eliminate white space without gaining it back!

JavaScript Goodies : The JavaScript Goodies Book Button, Links, and E-Mail Scripts. These scripts employ buttons, create links to other pages, or deal with e-mail.

back end

Perl Scripts at : Online tutorial covering CGI. First 6 chapters of book.

Webmaster Station

Web Developers Journal

ScriptSearch The Worlds Largest CGI Library

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Mac Design Online : Dreamweaver : Adding an Search Engine

Mac Design Online : Dreamweaver : Adding A Quicktime Movie

Linking to QuickTime (Web Techniques, Mar 2001)

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Quicktime VR (QTVR)

Apple - QuickTime - QuickTime VR Authoring
QuickTime Virtual Reality for Educators and Just Plain Folks : really good tutorial

Apple: Embedding Quicktime for web delivery

Panoramic How-to(pdf)
QuickTime API -- QTVR

Apple - Products - QuickTime VR Authoring Studio
SQUAMISH Media Group HOME Page
Tour of the College of San Mateo

Use mapsaVR to add maps, node markers and point…

AFI: Virtual Campus Tour

Huntington College Virtual Reality Tour -- Meri…

Internet Pictures Corporation - Visual Content …

Kaidan - Photographic VR Solutions for the Inte…

Kaidan - Photographic VR Solutions for the Inte… : Featured Weekly Full Screen QTVR

Digital Photography


Photography & Digital Imaging Resources
Yahoo! Arts:Visual Arts:Photography:Digital

Digital Camera Magazine

Welcome to the Digital Camera Resource Page

Digital Photography Exhibit

dpi - digital photography and imaging. Incorpor…

PCPhotoREVIEW - The Ultimate Resource for Digit…

A complete guide to digital cameras and digital…

Table of Contents

Book 1 Contents Page

Apple - QuickTime - QuickTime VR Authoring

QuickTime API -- QTVR

Apple - Products - QuickTime VR Authoring Studio

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Digital Video/Quicktime

What codecs to use in Premiere : Finding an appropriate codec from Adobe
Final Cut Pro Device Qualification

Codec Central by Terran Media Desktop Video : Good links and articles. Desktop Video Tips : Good tips.

The DV, DVCAM, & DVCPRO Formats • contents & links : from

Video Tidbits : from

dv garage : tutorials, etc.

Storyboard Quick : Storyboarding software

Embedding Quicktime for Web Delivery

Quicktime Poster Movies

Quicktime Tools and Tips : Tutorials, etc.

How to Create Quicktime Media Skins : Tutorial.



IFILM The Place for Internet Film

eveo : everyone's a director

AtomFilms: Get Into Our ShortsĘ04


Motion Center : from Adobe

Welcome to : Bay Area Video Coalition. Classes, screenings, etc.

Film Arts Foundation : San Francisco. Classes, screenings, etc.


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More Flash

Macromedia - Showcase: Flash

laura bruder flash movie - Create Flash text effects without Flash

Welcome to K2 Sports


Flash Central

moock>> web>> flash

The FlashChallenge

Welcome to FlashLite!

Flash FAQ

Macromedia - Quick Tips for Flash

Macromedia - Exchange : Dreamweaver

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Director Web sites


Macromedia - F.A.Q.: Streaming QT media from a URL in Director 7.0.2 and Shockwave 7 via QT4

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Digital Grunge (pdf)

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Software for Students

Journey: Student, Teacher, School Educational Software

Software Showcase - Savings for Students Teachers

Creation Engine

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